Maximum Bandwidth at an Amazing Value...
As businesses increasingly rely on IP connectivity for data and voice communications, making the right Internet access choice is essential for your business success.  Ethernet offers maximum connectivity at a minimum cost, there's no greater value than Interlync Ethernet. Choose the bandwidth that best fits your needs.

Interlync’s asymmetrical Ethernet service is ideal for businesses with locations or remote users that have greater downstream than upstream bandwidth demands. It provides low-cost connectivity options to meet individual bandwidth needs without overspending. A superior alternative to cable which also delivers asymmetrical bandwidth. Interlync also offers symmetrical Ethernet Service, and it's extremely reliable - with 99.99% SLA guarantees. Interlync’s Ethernet is a perfect solution, especially for customers with businesses that are located in dense metropolitan areas. Where available, Ethernet is definitely the best value in Business Class Internet access.




 Service: Asymmetric Metro Ethernet
Asymmetric Ethernet Service Call (847) 803-9030 for Specials and more details 
Download / Upload Speed(s) $/mo. Static IP's Install Fee Term
     8Mbps / 1Mbps $139 1 - 254 Call 12 mo.
     10Mbps / 1Mbps $159 1 - 254 Call 12 mo.
     10Mbps / 2Mbps $169 1 - 254 Call 12 mo.
     10Mbps / 5Mbps $179 1 - 254 Call 12 mo.
     15Mbps / 1Mbps $169 1 - 254 Call 12 mo.
     20Mbps / 1Mbps $179 1 - 254 Call 12 mo.
     20Mbps / 2Mbps $189 1 - 254 Call 12 mo.
     20Mbps / 5Mbps $199 1 - 254 Call 12 mo.
     30Mbps / 2Mbps $199 1 - 254 Call 12 mo.
     30Mbps / 5Mbps $229 1 - 254 Call 12 mo.
     30Mbps / 10Mbps $249 1 - 254 Call 12 mo.
     50Mbps / 10Mbps $269 1 - 254 Call 12 mo.
 Service: Business Metro Ethernet (Symmetrical Speeds)
Business Ethernet Service Call (847) 803-9030 for Specials and more details 
Business Ethernet Fiber $/mo. Static IP's Install Fee Term
2Mbps to 100 Mbps from $199 1 - 254 Call 12 mo.

Business Ethernet pricing varies based on location and local loop. Please call for a quick price quote.  Interlync will match or beat the competition!



      Interlync Rapid Install Process (Amazingly Fast Install Times)
      99.99% - 100% UPTIME
      Extremely low latency on a National Fiber Backbone
      Select your Speed from 2Mbps to 50Mbps
      Superior Quality and Reliability for Mission Critical Internet Access
      Multiple Static IP Address Block(s) available
      24 / 7 / 365 Proactive Monitoring and Management
      24 / 7 / 365 Technical Support
  Compare Ethernet vs. "Business" Cable
  While Interlync’s asymmetrical Ethernet service competes directly with business cable services by delivering low-cost, asymmetrical bandwidth, it offers several advantages over cable including:
- Dedicated Bandwidth vs. cables shared bandwidth
- More reliable
- Business-focused provider
- Nationwide, business-class IP network infrastructure
- Support for cloud-based security and performance monitoring services
- A more reliable site qualification determined by actual address and serving CO, versus ZIP code estimation
  Compare Business Ethernet and T1
  Ethernet is typically the superior choice when considering speed, scalability, technology, equipment needs, and cost.

T1, bonded T1, and DS3 access circuits remain viable choices for many network locations and applications. But, where it is available, Business Ethernet is a superior choice for symmetrical business-class bandwidth up to 50 Mbps (higher-speed Ethernet products are available). Business Ethernet shares the same SLA as a T1 line, but offers higher bandwidths at a lower cost, partially due to the efficiency of the technology. Unlike T1 lines, Ethernet uses Ethernet First Mile (EFM) bonding techniques, which provide for a more resilient service offering ensuring that if one loop in a bundle fails the remaining circuits will continue to function. Business Ethernet is also easier, faster, and less expensive to scale than a T1 line.
  The Interlync Advantage
      Interlync works with many carriers and have the largest footprint in the U.S.
      99.99% uptime guarantee with Proactive Monitoring
      Affordable pricing
      Installation made easy
      Most importantly, we care about your quality of service. You're not just a number.

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