Setup Your Email (Outlook)   


1. Open your Outlook/Outlook Express Mail program and choose Tools from the top menu
    and then select Accounts.


2. Now click Add and then choose Mail.



3. Type your name as you would like it to appear in the FROM field. 

     (This is the name others will see your mail coming from)


4. Type the name you want to use for e-mail. (the account name you chose when you setup    

     your Interlync Internet account)



5. Choose Pop3 as a Incoming mail server. And type

    in both Incoming and the Outgoing mail server box's provided.



6. Type in your Account name and Password that you

    chose when you setup your Interlync account.



7. Choose the method that you want to use to connect to the Internet.



8. Click Finish. Congratulations, you have completed your e-mail program setup.