Enterprise T1 and Fiber Services offer your company dependable service at a low monthly price. With an industry-leading SLA, 99.99% guaranteed uptime, and dedicated 24/7 Priority Support, your service is reliable for your mission-critical applications.

For mission critical access to the Internet. Interlync will handle the complete install and provisioning process for you, all charges include the Local Loop/Port charges and Bandwidth.





 T1 Service(s) and Pricing: Business Class T1 / Bonded T1 / Fiber
T1 Service(s) and Pricing Call (847) 803-9030 for Specials and more details 
Fractional to Full T1 $/mo. Static IP's Term Rebates
1.5/1.5Mbps from $299 1 - 254 12 mo. YES
Bonded T1 $/mo. Static IP's Term Rebates
up to 12/12Mbps from $449 1 - 254 12 mo. YES
Broadband Fiber Term Static IP's Location Based $
up to 1000Mbps 12-36 Mo. 1 - 254 Request a Quote


      Interlync Rapid Install Process (Amazingly Fast Install Times)
      99.99% - 100% UPTIME
      Extremely low latency on our National Fiber Backbone
      Select your Speed from 1.5Mb to 12.0Mb (Bonded T1) to Gigabit speeds!
      Superior Quality and Reliability for Mission Critical Internet Access
      Multiple Static IP Address Block available
      Access with no distance or technical limitations
      Enterprise Email and Web Hosting Services
      24/7 Enterprise Monitoring and Management
      24/7 Technical Support

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