Most of the communication between your business and the outside world occurs by email. While email is necessary for business, it also exposes your business to a variety of threats from time-wasting spam to data theft, hacking and viruses.

Interlync leverages the well respected Barracuda Email Security Service. It is the most comprehensive and cost-effective way to protect your business against all of the threats associated with business email.

  Block Spam & Viruses before it reaches your server!
    We act as a Gateway for all your emails.
    Receiving to much spam/viruses on your own mail server or host?
    Getting hammered with connections from spammers?
  In a single solution, you get effective protection against:
    Email-borne viruses (inbound and outbound)
    Email-based malware
    Phishing emails
    Undelivered emails
    Unsecured emails
    Denial of Service attacks

Starting At Only         

$29.95 /mo.    


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