Nationwide Interlync ISDN - If you require quality ISDN Access, fast reliable service, and great response to all your inquiries, Interlync is for you! Your Interlync ISDN Service will be activated immediately after your signup. Call (847) 803-9030

   ISDN Service(s) and Pricing: Residential & Business Class Offered Nationwide  
ISDN Service(s) Call (847) 803-9030
ISDN Service - Hours of Use $/mo. Static IP's Install Fee Term
Business - Unlimited $199.95 0 - 1 FREE 12 mo.
         128K ISDN Digital Access (2B Channels)  
         Static IP Address Support  
         Quick Connect Service  
         No Special Software Required  
         Internet Phone  (compatible with all software)  
         24/7 Technical Support  

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